Are you a woman who wants to THRIVE in your life, not just SURVIVE? Do you want learn to  succeed in both business and life without getting burned out?  Do you long to be true to what you really want and ensure long term Health, Happiness and Success in your WHOLE life, the feminine power way? If so…


If you are ready for transformation and would like to have a taste of what it would be like to work with me, apply below for a totally free, no obligation

TRUE SUCCESS Breakthrough Session

This one-on-one, over the phone, 40-minute True Success Breakthrough Session (valued at $247) will help you understand why you might be holding yourself back from the things you most want in life and how this puts you in stress and struggle. You will come away with next steps to reclaim your time and your priorities, so you can begin to recreate your career and your life on your OWN TERMS!

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“I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unmotivated. Beth’s “True Success Breakthrough Session” completely changed my mindset, energy and leadership power. I felt something changed from the inside out. In the following days, I was able to get into action and began creating my biggest group program yet!”
~ Clarissa Medeiros, Business Coach


Are you a conscious woman who feels something’s missing and wants to:

  • Have a successful career without giving up on what’s most important to you?
  • Exchange over commitment and stress for balance and joy.
  • Ensure long-term Health, Happiness and Success in your WHOLE life?


My 8 STEPS TO YOUR EMPOWERED LIFE Coaching Program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Take a good look at who you truly are and what you truly want so you can create the life that truly fulfills.
  • Gain the confidence to start living by what’s important to you instead of what someone else wants for you or from you.
  • Get out of overwhelm and create a plan that works for YOU.
  • Replace your limiting mindset with a Success Mindset that will give you the belief and confidence to go for and get your most cherished life.
  • Access your inner Feminine Power so that you can harness the flow of life and live with wisdom and joy instead of confusion and struggle.

In this program, you will learn tools to effect all of this plus get clear on your passion and purpose and create a vision that includes everything you truly want in your life. Together we will create and implement your step by step action plan for getting there.

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“If you want your life to be different, you simply have to learn the tools for how to live your life differently!”

Client Testimonials

Real Estate Agent ~
“You have helped to change my life that I so wanted back! I am relaxed and confident! I am 4 lbs lighter!!!!  I am positive that all will KEEP going well with NO FEAR! My income basically has doubled this year due to your help!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to find the true me that I had lost!”

Marketing Entrepreneur ~
“Beth, you have allowed me to jump in front of my fear. Before, I didn’t believe I could have an over-the-top-career and the wonderful family life I dreamed of. I always thought I would have to sacrifice one for the other. My sessions with you gave me the power to let go of those fears and strategize how I could move forward with my dream business plan while asking for support from my family. A year later, my dream career is launched and my family is 100% behind me. It’s wonderful. Every day I receive an affirmation that I am on my chosen path. Thank you!”

Music Producer ~
“When I began working with Beth, I was in transition. I didn’t know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I felt lost. Beth helped me identify and release the beliefs that were holding me back. This opened me to opportunities that I had never even imagined. In a guided “Future Me” visualization, I saw myself living and working in New York City, but I had no idea how I would get there. Four months later, I made the decision to pick up and move to New York City. I feel that all the work I did with Beth opened me up to taking risks and empowered me to pursue my dreams. I am now living and working in New York City, and exciting opportunities continue to unfold in every area.”

Marketing Communications Executive ~
“The personal growth that I have experienced by working with Beth has genuinely changed my life.  She has helped me clarify where I want to go, unearth and overcome what stands in my way and gently guides me to the future that I desire. I am a more centered, calmer and happier person in my work, my personal relationships, in my marriage and family life and in my spiritual life.  Most importantly, I have come to accept and value myself in a deep and profound way. My work with her has been truly transformational.”

Photographer ~
“In our very first session my coach helped me get right to the heart of what I wanted and needed. Through our coaching sessions, I clarified what was next for me. Also I gained awareness of how I was holding back. As a result I was able to establish a new expanded direction for my photography business. I have included things that I love to do such as teach, share and inspire others to succeed. The whole experience was very invigorating and uplifting. I especially liked Beth’s quiet and empathetic manner and I believe her coaching techniques could effectively deal with a wide range of issues. Thank you Beth.”

Psychotherapist ~
“As a result of my work with my coach Beth McKinnon, I have gotten in touch with many more possibilities for my life and making my most precious dreams a reality. She has an amazing way of getting right to the core of an issue, which has been a great model for me in my own work with clients. Her work is a combination of helping me recognize my true heart’s desires and then creating workable steps to achieve them.”

Life Coach ~
“The depth of Beth’s first hand experience with cancer, her huge heart and her stellar coaching would be a great treasure for anyone dealing with cancer. I’ve met and worked with many, many coaches, Beth is one of the best I know. Like me she coaches on the telephone so you could work with her from anywhere.”

Graphic Designer ~

“Coaching has uncovered my heart’s wish for my life.
Unlike hours of rehashing past events in therapy,
coaching points me true north to my future. It’s like
a short cut to what I really want for myself. Coaching
helps me hear that small little voice inside that says,
‘This is what you really want, go for it, you’ve got what it takes.’ 

I have an improved relationship with my sister.
I communicate better with my parents.
I have created a concrete financial plan.
I am able to deal with my anger in a productive way.
I don’t put myself down so much anymore.
I know how to change the current of negative energy into positive energy.”